Claasen Group Inc.

CGI has more than 35 years of international business experience in diverse industries such as aviation, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, retail, commercial and investment banking. One of our biggest competitive advantages is our understanding of the vast different cultures of nations and countries and how they impact business and business decisions. Through the years we have developed not only a deep understanding of the cultures in our markets, but also a sincere respect towards a prevailing culture, which provides us the route to conduct successful business and business development.

With a global network of respected associates, CGI can assist you by providing advice or taking a leading role in international business development, structured finance, risk mitigation, and corporate turnarounds.

About CGI

CGI has experience in more than 20 countries and specializes in emerging markets across the globe. From Peru to Namibia, Turkmenistan to Mexico, China to Russia, CGI has worked with clients on nearly every continent.

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CGI has a world-wide contingent of strategic associates, each of whom has many years of expertise in fields such as international business, law, and diplomacy.

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CGI has served a number of clients across a wide range of industries and countries, including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Netherlands, Egypt, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Peru, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon, Namibia, Chile, Mexico, Russia, and America.